AVG Remover


Eliminate anything AVG-related installed on your computer


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AVG Remover is a tool designed to eliminate any and all elements that were installed on your computer when you installed an app from the company AVG.

AVG antivirus and other tools for eliminating malware are software that embed deeply within your system so that they can work properly to remove unwanted elements. But that also means that they can cause trouble when it comes time to remove them.

This app will completely erase any traces of AVG that have remained on your computer even after you uninstalled the original program. That includes registry entries, installation files, user files, and saved configurations.

All of those files will disappear after you restart your computer, thanks to AVG Remover. This app should be your last resort, and should only be used if other attempts to uninstall your AVG software have been incomplete or have failed.
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